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Guest Maggie

I am looking for a place that I can ask questions of people who have been using Medical Marijuana. I have End Stage Osteoarthritis (bone on bone) in both of my feet and just starting using about 1 month ago and I have A LOT of question to ask. Is there anyone willing to answer a few questions? I am desperate to make this work for my pain. I am at my wits ends dealing with this pain!!

Hope you have a SUNSHINY DAY!!😊😊😊


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I am a caregiver for people who use cannabis to help them deal with pain. None of them uses cannabis as a primary pain medication. Some use opioids, some use over the counter meds, and one uses beer in conjunction with cannabis to control pain. For these people, cannabis elevates their mood and helps them deal with the depression that accompanies chronic pain. They say that it also seems to add some punch to pain meds. However, all of them agree that cannabis alone is not enough to eliminate their pain. They all prefer sativa strains. They all consume it by smoking the dried flowers. 

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I am a medical cannabis patient due to back pain. My pain is caused mostly by muscle spasms, inflammation, and the associated spinal misalignment and pinching of nerves. I medicate by smoking 3-5 grams of cannabis flower everyday, eating 200-600mg of cannabis butter infused edibles, and I also smoke dry sieved, hand pressed hash when I need a really quick punch of relief. I also have a varied routine of PT exercises and stretches I perform regularly to strengthen my core. This is what keeps me moving, that and I won't be held back by anything or anyone. I personally refuse opiates, they mask pain and I need to know what my body is telling me. Even though I regularly sit at a pain level of 1-3, I would be at 7-9 without cannabis. The reason I offer this info is so you understand the specific nature of my success with cannabis. Everyone is different and our ailments are clearly different.

I have had success with various Indica or Afghanica dominant hybrid strains that offer heavy narcotic relaxation and anti-inflammation properties. Some examples: LA Affie, anything Afghan really, OG Kush, Big Mac, Cataract Kush, Northern Lights, Grape Ape, Sensi Star. 

Sativa dominant hybrids usually only give me anxiety and muscle tension. Although I had great success in the past with a specific "lemon candy" THCV rich pheno of Jack the Ripper from TGA genetics. It was a good balance of motivated energy and relaxing narcotic effect. 

You will have to experiment to find what works best for you. The best suggestion I can give is grow your own medicine, it is half the healing.


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