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I have patient openings for 4 people in the U.P. 

I have flower, wax, edibles, and cartridges. 

In rotation right now, I have white widow, jock horror, northern lights, lemon OG haze, and chemdawg OG. All from a reputable breeder in the Netherlands. 

I gurantee quality and clean medicine. I grow in a clean and sterile environment with HIDs. I don't use any chemicals or pesticides and none of my medicine will have mold. 

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13 hours ago, JustModest said:

Hey I have family up there I live in Wisconsin wondering if I could become a Rec patient for when I visit (upper) also would like to see how your bud looks I’m chasing indica and potency more dense sticky stuff 

There is no such thing as a rec patient. It's an insulting term at best. 

But sure, your family can help you out with that and then you can carry it all around with you legally. 

And you 'became' when you crossed the border. 

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