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What Canada Can Learn from California on Marijuana Legalization


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This is the only downside to legalizing cannabis. In my country, cannabis has long been legalized, and I have never bought it legally. If I need cannabis, I order it at online-dispensary.net. You don't think I am not a drug addict, I just have problem joints, and they often hurt. Not so long ago, I retired from basketball and, accordingly, my physical exertion has halved, which is why my joints periodically ache. If I start training every day, then there is no pain, but I do not always have time to train.

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If you encounter some illegal cannabis dirt cheap then you might want to think about why it's cheap, just like every other commodity.

With cannabis you either have to trust the grower or the testing. 

If you don't know the grower well then you could be smoking just about anything.

I say this after decades of smoking Mexican cartel weed that was all we could get.

Sure am glad that we have better choices these days. 

I either grow it myself, know the grower, or look at the testing. 

You get what you work/pay for. 

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