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10 hours ago, allanworks said:

if it passes it will go into effect January 1st, 2019 

Wrong. It's 45 days after it gets voted UP^^^^^^!!!!

Every day matters just like it did with Medical. I saw the doctor for medical on the 45th day after it was voted UP. Had my doctor rec that day.

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Better yet, start some plants. Some dammed LEGAL plants! Filthy pigs have had us restrained for decades under false pretenses just for job security. If the shoe don't fit then don't take offense to my filthy pig comment. You know who you are.


Made you look.




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17 hours ago, allanworks said:

I am happy it will pass but it is BS that only the upper class will make money in the weed business. it sounds like discrimination of the lower class to me.

It's not discrimination. You get what you pay for.

Go out and invest in the purchase of a few politicians.

Your life will be so much easier after that! 😊

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