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I have a question about recreational marijuana laws and cloning. a few years back a caregiver was busted with too many clones in that trial it was determined that a clipping is not a plant unless it has started rooting. I want to know if I can sell "soon to be plant's" aka clippings off my plant when the recreational law passes and goes into effect? basically, I will cut leaves off, treat them, plant them in cloning blocks and sell them the same day. they won't become plants until a few days later in the possession of the new owner. I am trying to figure out a way to make a little money off the recreational market hopefully leading to me getting a license. I doubt it will happen tho as it looks to be rigged for the upper middle class and rich people. they should allow home growers to sell their product to dispensaries and distributors after testing. 

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The cops are still going to be not wanting folks to sell. So if they have a beef with you they will use your selling against you if they can. 

I can understand your thinking because a lot of people are going to want clones when legalization passes. Just sell them by order and take the clones off the plant while your buyer is right there waiting. That way you don't get caught with too many plants. Problem solved!


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