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2018 Hemp Industry Association 25th Annual Conference – A Message From Josh…

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Currently attending the 2018 Hemp Industry Association 25th Annual Conference we have receive a message from Josh…


Good Evening,

It is with great excitement that I write this email to update and inform the members of the soon to be formed Michigan Chapter of the Hemp Industries Association.

Yes, that is correct, over the last few months I have been working diligently and been in contact with many of the members of this organization in regards to forming the Michigan Chapter of the HIA. After speaking with multiple members who shared in my enthusiasm, some old and some new, I have engaged with the national organization to take steps towards becoming a national chapter.

There could not be a more crucial moment in time for the hemp industry to have a voice in Michigan. Some of the notable events that will drastically change the climate of hemp activity in Michigan include:

  1. The federal farm bill (expected by experts to pass by spring 2019) includes hemp decriminalization language, that would remove hemp out of the world of marijuana ambiguity and into its own independent commodity.
  2. Michigan’s Proposal 1 (coalition to regulate marijuana like alcohol) includes language that removes industrial hemp from the controlled substance act of Michigan.
  3. 2 proposed bills in the Michigan legislature HB 6330, which sets up a regulatory system for cultivation and processing of industrial hemp, and HB 6331, which defines Industrial Hemp in the Michigan as clearly including all extracts and derivatives of the plant.

Both bills have been approved by the house of representatives.

The industry in Michigan is in its early phases still, but within the next 6-12 months will be ramping up quickly. Now is the time for our collection of Industry experts and professionals to come together and become a voice of the industry in Michigan. Within this small but exemplary group of businesses and individuals we have experts from so many different scopes of the industry, that I feel steps must be taken to network and grow and help Michigan move forward in a positive and effective direction.

I have spoken with some of you and I hope to speak with many more of you as we move forward. I strongly encourage anyone who is wondering how they might be able to contribute or become more involved to reach out. After the conference takes place this weekend we will be forging ahead to create an official Michigan chapter that will seek to educate and assist in the growth of hemp in Michigan.

Kind regards,

Joshua P. Colton

Komorn Law, PLLC
30903 Northwestern Hwy. Suite 240
Farmington Hills, MI 48334


2018 HIA 25th Annual Conference

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