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Wulf Nesthead

Implications for Patients!

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Okay, so it's like this.  It may just be because I am retarded, but I cannot find any discussion of how the passage of the new law will impact patients.  Long and short, what does this mean?  

Will medical grade cannabis continue to be available?  Do we still need a card, and if so, why?  I mean, I know why we needed a card before, but now that it's legalized for recreational use I'm hardly inclined to pay money I don't have for a card I no longer need.  What's the practical payoff of renewing my card versus the penalty (in practical terms) of not renewing?


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Not really sure what qualifies as "medical grade cannabis", but having your card let's you:

1) use a dispensary (it will take a while for recreational stores to be widely available)

2) pay 6% sales tax, rather than 6% plus 10% excise tax

3) have a better legal defense if stopped while driving and test positive when given a BOGUS metabolite test

4) use your card in other states that don't have rec M but have medical M and reciprocal agreements with MI

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