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Converted closet grow

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I'm about two weeks into my first attempt at growing, converted a deep closet in my basement into a grow room. 

Dimensions: 32x45x64

600w Viparspectra Reflector full spectrum LED 

18h ON. 6h OFF

4 in inline fan (332CFM)&carbon filter from Vivosun

'Grow chamber' wrapped with reflective/insulating floor underlayment

Had six bagseeds, was able to get 5 to germinate, one died in the first week. I only know what one of the strains is (Gorilla Cheese), please let me know what you guys think!20181213_074930.thumb.jpg.d5621cc5efca0c3cee248c35f0077c4f.jpg20181213_074930.thumb.jpg.d5621cc5efca0c3cee248c35f0077c4f.jpg

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