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Becoming Self Sufficient On Social Security Budget!??

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I'm a 64yo (yes, former 70's Hippy) but since military Service on looong term disability; but I have managed to avoid pain pill use until my pain became catastrophic and quit that after 2 years of doing the "Doctor, Drugstore,  Dose Do!  I didn't even use cannabis regularly until we legalized it Michigan and then only the past  two years  (honestly). We've come a long way since my mid teens!

Im a widower now for 18 months and still adjusting to my new economy 40 percent less $$. So my use is crazy low (about 3 to 5 grams per week) so my mission is to get my closest setup to keep my weight enough to feed my need in perpetuity,  (under 1oz per month). 

I have begun a closet size DWC type hydroponic 25/30 gallon room for 3 pots. And am already over my $400 budget not including the cost of plants (way too darn hard to acquire seeds in this  "Un United States)... Can We All Say STOP PROHIBITION!

Where can we use a forum to work like when I worked within "The Actual Original Internet" in 1970 we had Citizens Band Radios as a network and we coud chat then convene periodically and socialize in Safety.   Where is there such a place for Weekly Weed & Seed Smoke & Swap? 

We All could help keep our seed money here in America!

Thanks for listening and keep growing 

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Weekly weed and smoke swap! Those were the days my friend. When I came back to Michigan in '86 they were gone. The world moved on to hurding us into corners and prosecuting us for the prison system. 

The world has moved on again and now everyone can carry more pot than you can use in a week. We are all still adjusting to that. Many still hide. PTSD from all those years of false flag on cannabis users. Bring on your own weekly weed and smoke swap. It's legal and folks are wanting that. The closest thing I can think of is G3C. I'm sure you would be welcome there.

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