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Greetings all! I'm working with some great local people putting together a new Michigan based web series, and would love to help some fellow MM patients out in the process. We're looking for individuals who are trying to grow for themselves, but due to health problems, lack of knowledge, or other reasons haven't been able to get the results they want/need.

Our ideal candidate would have a problematic grow already in process, so we could easily showcase the current issues and final solutions. We would also want to ensure that we’re setting up a sustainable system, which wouldn't become a burden (financial or otherwise) and would continue to be used after the show finished.  Please message me directly if interested or if you know someone who would be a good fit, and to get more info.

Please include: some basic info that you're comfortable sharing (veteran, medical conditions, ect), where your generally located (town/area is fine for now), what trouble your having, and how medical cannabis helps you.  Preference will be given based on need.

Thanks all,  I'm really looking forward to helping out as many patients in need as we can!

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Sounds like you are in the beginning stages of an interesting show.  Please contact us at the MMMA and we would possibly work with you on a symbiotic basis.  We also need to vet you here if you are offering that type of service to our members.

If we do not hear from you soon your post will be removed.


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