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caregiver & rec plant count

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I'm sorry if this has brought up before,

 trying to find out how the new rec law effects a caregivers plant count.

Like is it ok for a caregiver to have his normal numbers and be allowed to grow another 12 per household?

And does this extra 12 need to be separated from plants being grown for patients if the caregiver is only one tending them?

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Definitely separated.

If you are maxed out for your number of patients it wouldn't be very good to go above that.

If a caregiver isn't a patient they should be able to grow their own 12 for their recreational use separately.

I think you might run into trouble if you double dip saying these plants are my medical and these are my recreational so I can have 24 for myself. 12 per person max is safe. 12 per residence recreational. Most folks will not run into any trouble unless they are caught selling. Then they are under the microscope.

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