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Is there an appropriate thread on MMMA to post creative services like branding and packaging design?


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Hi Everybody,

I'm a designer, and have worked with many canna groups over the past few years developing branding and packaging design, but vary rarely in Michigan. This is something I'm very passionate about as a medical patient, and as a designer that wants to contribute to Michigan businesses. I'd love more opportunities to work with people from my home state and help support this growing market, but it's been very hard to connect with companies.

Is there a specific area to post services like this through MMMA, or another Michigan-specific site that is more suited for this?

I apologize if this question is not appropriate for MMMA in general. I've tried to find a list of forum rules, but didn't find anything relating to business services or solicitation.

Any help or suggestions would be amazing!


Thanks so much!!!

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We do allow marketing for some grass roots and start up services up to a certain level.  Start a blog...Be creative and informative while you slip in your services.  If you are a larger company we take donations to help keep the site operating.   We are going to have expos if you are interested in marketing your services. 

We do not allow selling, gifting or marketing "products" unless you buy an advertising donation package and then you had better be licensed by the state.


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Thanks for the tips and advice, I really appreciate it!

Yes, def need to check out some of the expos.

A blog is an awesome idea! Thx for the tip on that!

No, I'm not big in any way. Just one guy with a computer and a dream.  I'd be happy to donate anyway though :)

Quick question on the "licensing" subject. Would I need to be licensed by the state in some way to advertise/sell a design service through MMMA? Ultimately, all I do is work with people as a graphic designer and branding developer. I don't actually sell any physical products.

Thanks again for the advice and help!

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