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How long should i wait to flower after transplanting?


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    • By mnklimitless
      I have 20 years experience growing. Strains currently available Monkey Berries, White Widow, Gelato, Louis the 13th, Ghost Train, Amnesia Haze, and OG Kush. Always grown indoors with no preservatives or PGRs in sealed CO2 enriched rooms on a 50/50 Coco/soil media and Reverse Osmosis water. Incentives available. 
    • By Ren22
      Hi!  I’m an experienced caregiver looking for patients in SE Michigan. I have a wide variety of strains.  I also make yummy and really strong chocolate chip cookies and brownies!  
      my flower tests between 23% and 28%!  
    • By Ren22
      Experienced caregiver with patient openings in Saline/Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area.  
      I have excellent sativa and hybrid strains, and my specialty is chocolate chip cookie edibles.  

    • By hero4u
      Can i use AZAMAX as a foliage spray during flowering?  I have read that you cant, and that you can?  Kind of scared to use it during flowering period.  If, i can use it during flowering, does it make the buds taste nasty?  nobody seems to have an answer?
    • By hero4u
      Hello.  Im a newbie. Have transplanted before with no problem, HOWEVER, this time the soil was way too dry and fell apart when transplanting a fire og and was flopping around.  BUT it seemed like it was STILL ATTACHED!  So, my questions is simple, will it survive?  thanks!  

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