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Good Evening folks..



just a quick question to clarify.  I am thinking about growing outdoors this year but I think the law is a bit confusing.


Does the plants have to be away from view and in a enclosure?  I have 2+ acres which has a pond and I could easily camouflage 4-5 plants.  My dilemma is that if I construct a enclosure that that would make the plants obvious and thus stand out to neighbors.


Any clarification would be helpful.

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I'm planning on growing outdoors this year myself. Basically the growing area needs to have walls, a roof, lock(s), and be secure in a way that people cannot reach in and grab your plants. That could mean something as simple as cattle panels or animal fencing over pvc/metal hoops with a padlocked door (picture an open air "greenhouse cage"), to a fully enclosed greenhouse with locking door. The plants cannot be visible to the public, neighbors, etc. without a visual aid (binoculars, etc.). So if your neighbors can't see your plants without visual aids and they are within the enclosure described above your good to grow!

From prop 1-

(f) cultivating marihuana plants if the plants are visible from a public place without the use of binoculars, aircraft, or other optical aids or outside of an enclosed area equipped with locks or other functioning security devices that restrict access to the area;

From MMMA-

(d) "Enclosed, locked facility" means a closet, room, or other comparable, stationary, and fully enclosed area equipped with secured locks or other functioning security devices that permit access only by a registered primary caregiver or registered qualifying patient. Marihuana plants grown outdoors are considered to be in an enclosed, locked facility if they are not visible to the unaided eye from an adjacent property when viewed by an individual at ground level or from a permanent structure and are grown within a stationary structure that is enclosed on all sides, except for the base, by chain-link fencing, wooden slats, or a similar material that prevents access by the general public and that is anchored, attached, or affixed to the ground; located on land that is owned, leased, or rented by either the registered qualifying patient or a person designated through the departmental registration process as the primary caregiver for the registered qualifying patient or patients for whom the marihuana plants are grown; and equipped with functioning locks or other security devices that restrict access to only the registered qualifying patient or the registered primary caregiver who owns, leases, or rents the property on which the structure is located.

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It will make it stand out to the neighbors, but an enclosure is necessary to be legal. However, if camoflauge is more important, you have to weigh the risk and decide for yourself. It is a $100 fine and considered a civil infraction. You will also forfeit the plants, but no criminal charges. I would still go with an enclosure

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You won't need camouflage so much if your state hasn't legalized the plant yet. I often grew marijuana outside last year, and now I understand all the details and benefits of The Art of Breeding Cannabis. It was in the era of self-isolation that I had more time to monitor and take care of the plants to the full extent in order to develop new varieties and get a good and high-quality product over time. I managed to do it, but the rain sometimes scared me. Fortunately, everything turned out great

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