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    • By Patientmichael
      The dispensaries around here are awful and I'm tired of over paying for bunny muffin wax.
      I work in a field where I cannot smoke flower, but I can vaporize oils. I have PTSD, insomnia, and arthritis so I have a variety of issues I try to take care of as a MMMP. I live in the west side of Detroit area, but I am willing to travel for quality. 
      Please help!
    • By GeheimTeler
      Patient openings Southwest Michigan. PM me for details or to discuss further. Flower concentrate oils edibles etc. Message for more info. 269 Area.
    • By Existo
      I need caregivers in the UP of Michigan. 
    • By Sensible sinsemilla
      Local  caregiver looking for a few more patients. I use high quality genetics organically and am true to keeping my prices down to help patients in the way compassionate cannabis was meant to be used. Let me know if you’re in the market for a caregiver. Currently growing Safety Meeting and Dosi-Face.

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