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4 hours ago, Glassdub said:

So when it comes down to edibles & tinctures the difference is really is in THC & Other cannabinoids rather than strain that defines the effect, correct?

Yes, especially in edible and tincture. Strain plays more of a role in smoking and vaping. It hasn't been completely figured out, but different cannabinoid and terpepene profiles seem to have an Entourage effect. Different varieties have different profiles and thus produce different effects. This is why certain varieties work better than others for people. I think  this is way more important than Sativa vs Indica. Especially with most varieties bieng hybrids and not pure Indica or Sativa

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As for me I do not feel the difference but it is really exists. Maybe, this article will be more useful for you to understand the difference https://www.leafly.com/news/cannabis-101/sativa-indica-and-hybrid-differences-between-cannabis-types/. 

I've tried both typess but to be honest I do not like them. I prefer Blue Dream strain  https://askgrowers.com/strains/blue-dream-strain-review It's really cool. 

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lol, never even thought about it although I was fond of such things for a very long time. I started in high school and continued for almost seven years. To be honest, I didn't really choose what I use, the main thing is that it brings me pleasure. When I started having health problems, I realized that I had a serious addiction (I didn’t pay attention to it before, I thought I could quit it at any time). I decided to act decisively. I did not want to look for advice on regular forums, but turned to the forum of drug addicts anonymous. They gave me a lot of advice, but the most effective was the treatment in the clinic. I was advised to refer to https://shophighseason.com/dispensaries/ca/downtown-la/. I did not think long and immediately turned to them. In the beginning it was very difficult for me, but over time I slowly began to control myself. Guys, I advise you to quit weed or other drugs before it turns into something bad ..

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