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Just before the voting last year I got a call from my mmj doc; $150.00.  Now that recreational is legal and my card is about to expire I am seriously considering not renewing... then my doc called; another $150.00.  I’m wondering if someone has put together a document that clearly outlines MMJ vs. Recreational and what each means, what changes, etc.  Just looking for all the info in one place, if that exists.  Thanks

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One caveat to  dropping your card without a medical card if you get into an accident and they find THC  in your system you might get charged for  intoxication causing an accident with your card your allowed to have THC  in your system at all times  not sure if the law has changed since legalization has passed to my knowledge but the state  had a zero tolerance policy  for THC .

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I think recreational marijuana has more THC than medical. Medical hemp has more CBD use, and I think this is the main difference. When I was in Canada, I smoked a lot of recreational marijuana, and you know what? It helped me to understand a lot of hidden secrets about me. Actually, when you buy online from dispensary Toronto the weed is more effective. It gives a good high, that you feel like you are jumping in the sky. I've used this hemp with my gf, and I'm glad that this hemp gave us a lot of pleasure during the night...

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