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Michigan Released Emergency Recreational Marijuana Rules For Establishments

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Recreational marijuana smoking lounges, festivals and home delivery are soon to be allowed in Michigan. They are defined under a set of emergency rules state officials released.

These rules have defined the launch of the recreational cannabis market in Michigan. The release was signed Tuesday by Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

The rules outline how the new adult-use market will function and how the business license application process will work. It is also how the recreational and medical marijuana industries will interact.

The release of the rules is intended to give local governments time to decide whether they want to ban adult-use marijuana businesses before the state Marijuana Regulatory Agency begins accepting business license applications. The emergency rules expire in six months.

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“It provides clarity on the state’s approach on establishing the regulatory program and doing so in a way that is consistent as possible with the standards in the medical market that exist now, and doing so in a way that provides adequate time for municipalities to evaluate what we put in the rules and to make a determination on how the municipality wants to approach this new market before we start taking applications,” said agency Director Andrew Brisbo

Read the more here at MLive

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Recreational marijuana smoking lounges, festivals and more are soon to be allowed in Michigan. They are defined under a set of emergency rules released.


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