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1 hour ago, maxaber99 said:

Hi.  From what I've read I can only transport 2.5 oz at a time.   What if I want to bring 2 oz to 3 of my patients.  Do I have to take 3 separate trips to make sure I do not exceed the limit?  thanks

You are allowed to carry 2.5 per patient. I would recommend carrying that in a lock box to be safe

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Technically, as far as i know, the court case of PEOPLE vs LATZ ruled the transport law UNCONSTITUTIONAL and CANNOT be enforced which means WE NO LONGER have to lock it in a box in the trunk!  ALSO, their is now Recreational law that says we have to lock it in the trunk either.  Of course its still a safe place for it, BUT, we are no longer required to do so.  Just thought i would mention. 

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