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Robbed, Homeless, Dog Stolen, Charged with assault for defending myself, Need Meds

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Im mostly postig bacause I need to find a caregiver who would like a new patient or can donate meds, Please let me know or contact me here Im in Jackson MI. Im homeless and havnt had herb for a week. Also facing 4 years in prison after my 3 room grow was robbed. "They wont prosecute the guy who robbed me. Herold Reymond Buttons II, Story below there is more but trie to keep it short. 

       I was attacked Feb 7 by a man I was selling my cannbis business to for  $7000, I allowed him to rent a room for 1000 and he was supposed to put everything in his name and pay me $ 5000. After 2 weeks I told him I was putting the ad back up. He said "I should just leave", I told him go ahead, he left and left the door open and said nothing more. He began threatening me in messages, came back the next day and broke 2 doors and keyed one. I had moved all of his stuff out that morning. it was on the front porch. I pointed and 20 ga shotgun at him and he came at me 4 times with a knife. As I was squeezing the trigger I looked him in the eye and he ran. He called the police and they refused to look at the doors he broke through, or his stuff outside. They called me out with a bullhorn 6 of them. I was arrested while pleading not to leave him at the house with my dog. They took me to jail and left him in the house. In jail I was coerced by a sherrif deputy into signing over my dog, also promised I would get him back. They sold him the next week on facebook for $50. I got out on bail after 30 days and the sherrifs were evicting me that day. I was not informed of the eviction in jail. Everything I made since 2006 was gone 100 cannabis plants 2 coolers full of cannabis , over 1/2 ounc of extract my lights and equipment. He vandalized my belongings and had fed my dog my high heel shoes and poured bleach on him. Stole my phone and electronics. He told the police in court he locked the home but my neighbor had to call the police the next day which the dog was in the house no one could get in the police locked it and did not file a report or inform me that was the 9th Feb. I gave the police a inventory including serial numbered items totalliing  $31000.The house had not been broken into since I left. The police refused to inivestigate and the prosecutor will not prosecute or investigate the theft or the animal neglect. Which I  called the animal controll from jail. Im transgender and was discriminated against by the Sherrifs officers which I  made a complaint in the jail as soon as I was given a pencil left in solitary for 5 days till I became disoriented and did not know what day it was. the complaint disappeared. I was forced to urinate on the floor in front of other prisoners in the courthouse holding tank due to they would not let me use a bathroom for 3 hours.  I have been homeless since March and I live in the woods. My court appointed attorny is an x cop who is and alcoholic and will not return my calls or correspondence and has not shown me the evidance I requested and did not show up in court twice. The trial is set for 12/11/19 and I have still not been shown the evidence the police have niether was he. He told me Jackson police "do not investigate." . I was discriminated against by the Jackson police when I was threatened at the public library and they discriminated against me in front of 4 witnesses on camera. I was also discriminated against and asked harrassing questions by  Leoni Township police when Threatened by  3 men and a woman at meijer recently. The manager is witness . I was attacked 2 weeks ago and injured by a woman and 2 large men who stole my new backpack and my phones and make up. I called the prosecutor as I was instructed by the police and had done over the inventory and they told me I had to call the police to do that?? No one will help me even though I contacted the mayors office 4 times who I have also met peraonally, also spoke at town council in August which the video is online. The mayors assistant took my number howerer never called me after the 5th time contacting them.. Im facing 4 years which Im completely innocent. I have no help and all of the agencies and churches have been abusive toward me I was assaulted in my room in the womens dorm in my room by a workmen the 1st month March 2019 which I was staying in the Jackson interfaith shelter. One of the staff a friend of the man who assaulted me threatened to call the police on me when I told him I wanted to call the police. I was kicked out in the cold without a coat and nowhere to a week later and I came back the monday and they had all my things in the floor picking through them.. Most of the community organizations here back each other lies and abuse and really I have no one to turn to. Even the lgbtq pride president and secretary harrassed me 4 times. The vice chair of lgbtq pride verbally attacked me the day of the pride festival, then told me "flower You". He was the one everyone told me to contact for help promised to help me and blew me off. I was also lied to by the pastor of the church who houses the Red Cross and his secretary verbally and emotionally  abused me 3 time on each of the 4 occasions I went to use the shower then refused my mail and screwed up my liscense. I currently cannot get an id as I have no money at all. There is a reason they call this the "Prison City" ita a prison and there are a lot of people being treated the same or worse. I am also a minister. I worked for apple and have not had a stopping ticket since 1996. This is Evil literallly the way this is going and I have no where to turn I do have a lot of evidence I doubt my so called attorney has even looked at as he seems to think Im guilty.. I do have dreadlocks Im a rastafarian and openly transgender I dont wear mens clothing at all. Please help I only want to be free to help others and get my beloved Theo my dog who is my only friend in this world by my side again. Thank you Sincerely "Jaimie Asher"   James Asher Baker.  I moved here in 2012 with good credit and a car. Ive lost everything I made for the past 22 years including the ability to run my business or rent a home. I was denied section 8 due to this bogus charge. .. The police manipulated the tapes and misused thier body cams on que by thier commander while conducting the arrest. also the actual arresting officer was not the one who arrested me. Photos and videos forthcoming

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