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Cannatonic my winter grow

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1 hour ago, blackhorse said:

One or two plants?

Which plant are you expecting? (low thc, high thc, or 1:1)

Plant looks great!

Two plants. Both Cannatonic. I am still experimenting with growing. I have two plants the same strain. One is a week older than the other. The older one I made into a bush. The younger one I only topped. The younger one (that I only topped) has MUCH bigger buds. The older plant that I made into a bush has a lot more buds, but they are much smaller buds. Both plants were feed the same thing. When I harvest them, I am going to keep the harvests separate to find out what the total yield for each plant is. 

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I have to say that processing the plant with smaller but more buds (bush) was a LOT more work. I hate trimming buds. It has to be done, but it is annoying to me. Unless the bush plant yields a significant amount of product over the one I just topped and let grow, I will only be topping from now on. I would rather process fewer but larger buds. 

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On 1/9/2020 at 9:51 AM, wjkingsnorth said:

Sampled some that I had dried. Much more potent than I thought it would be.

Is this sample from one plant or both?

The thc could be different for both plants.

Remember that 25% of plants will be high thc, 25% high cbd, and 50% will be 1:1 ratio.

Try a Star Tonic as it is 10% thc and 18% cbd.

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23 hours ago, wjkingsnorth said:

Ok, the plant that I did not make into a bush yielded 6 oz and 16 gm  or 184 grams. Of course with dry curing it will lose some more of that weight. The very large bud ended up being 20 grams the other large bud was 14 grams.

I always weigh after drying.

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8 hours ago, wjkingsnorth said:

Tried it this morning, the stuff from the bush is more in line with what I thought the strain should be THC wise. It is less potent than the first plant that I only topped.

Remember that you can get three different seed types from the seeds. One is high thc, one is high cbd, and third on is 1:1 ratio. (Which could be 10:10 or 15:15 , etc. ratio)

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You're getting a pretty good result. I hope your plants are old enough for you to show them to us? I also grow four marijuana bushes at home and they feel very comfortable thanks to the excellent harvest freeze dryer that I recently bought for better quality and better service for the plants. It seems to me that the availability of good and high-quality equipment and tools is the main characteristic of the fact that in the future the fruits will be very high-quality and juicy, if you know what I mean.

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