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Any strain recommendations for Insomnia?

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Been having bouts with insomnia for a while now, and haven't slept well in 3 days still wide awake. I've tried tiring myself out with mechanics, along with pushups and whatnot. No sleep. Showers aren't relaxing, and i can't feel much effect from the flower during the worst of it. Any suggestions are appreciated, but prefer clones instead of seeds. Thanks

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11 hours ago, Kingdiamond said:

I would think any kush would work well to help you sleep the longer you grow it the better to get the couchlock  effect.

So basically more of a thc/cbd ratio? If that's the case, I'm about to throw Fruity Thai into flower. Thanks for the help.

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Personally, in order to fight insomnia, I need a good weed or high-quality products from CBNOilForSleep.com because they have already helped thousands to cope with this problem, judging by the rave reviews on various forums that I read before taking these oils. They really proved to be very effective and thanks to their formula, I was able to become more calm and not worry about trifles that used to blow my head and make me unmanageable. Now I started a new life and started getting enough sleep

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On 9/24/2020 at 11:31 AM, DVandrunen said:

Typo sorry. Its Rick Simpson. Otherwise called RSO. 



Oh, not good.

Did you know that Rick swept up a bunch of scraps from trimming off the floor, threw them in a big pot outside, and boiled them in alcohol to make his oil? Very non medical. He made a video of it.

Now cannabis oil, that Rick was attempting to make in a very sloppy way, should be treated like food and the specialized alcohol should be carefully collected as it's boiled off.

I think the part of the story that turns my stomach the most is he put his name on it and people repeat it to this day. 

If you have clean oil I wouldn't put Rick's name on it. 

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I can recommend you to try Bubba Kush, It is the best choice after a hard and stressfull day. You will not mention when you fall asleep. It wil lprobably help with insomnia problem. If you want to try spmething really strong so Grease Monkey is for you. This strain is not for beginners. It hits bery quickly as it contains a lot of tetrahydrocannabinol. I tried ot once and you will sleep like you were killed. Also, a good choice when you struggle with insomnia. Also, you can check more strains here https://askgrowers.com/blog/the-best-strains-for-nighttime-use. Good research of strains that work perfectly with insomnia. I found two I have already used n this post. 

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