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    • By Eighty Eight
      We supplied the first legal grow ops in Wa State, please contact me for LED, security and anything related to legal grow...
    • By hero4u
      hello.  Right now im vegging with t5 cfl lights.   BUT i also have a full spectrum 1000 watt led AND a full spectrum 300 watt led i could use.  What light for vegging do you recommend?  Which one promotes quicker growth?  Thanks!
    • By hero4u
      I have a 4x4 grow tent i am using for flowering.  I am using led lights right now but want to switch to a HPS light.  small room so heat may be a problem.  I am thinking about using a 250 watt to help with heat.  OR, should i use a 400 watt?   Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thank You!
    • By hero4u
      Using LED lights right now and thinking about switching over to a better light.  What light should i use for flowering HPS or Metal Halide??
    • By hero4u
      Hello.  Im using a foliage spray.  I have been told to use it right before the light goes off and i have been told to use it while the light is on?  Which would have the best results?  Im using nitrozime (marine algae) as a foliage spray.  Thanks. 
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