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High CBD/Low THC Strains

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For the person who doesn't care for the high, then look into a high CBD plant with low THC.

Most seed banks now carry the high CBD, just look at stats. 

You can get a 1:1 ratio which can be 5:5 or could be 15:15 , so be careful when ordering seeds.

Seeds of 15 cbd:8 thc are very common too.

We now have a 18%CBD:19%THC that patient likes. You get the CBD plus the high.

Other ratio's are 18% cbd and less than 1% thc, which are good for muscle relaxing.

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Yep, that is a pretty useful info for the guys that are just at the beginning of this beautiful road. I think that everything depends on the person and his or her experience with this products. if you're experienced enough, than you can have fun with clean CBD with no stress, just take you're time. Otherwise, you need more THC to have a little relax when you're coming from your sht work (or not). By the way, I am writing an article about sativa indica and hybrid strains, so if you're interested, it will be ready in less than one week.

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