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The "Christmas Trees"

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Help me out here guys-


In the early 90s all the way up until the maybe the early 00's there used to be some weed that used to come around in late November/early December that tasted exactly like a Christmas tree- This was big, green, sticky,stinky buds that were all over A2/Jackson (probably elsewhere) and people referred to this weed as "the christmas trees"- Every year, like clockwork this stuff was around for the holidays.


I've been trying to chase this strain down- Had some 'pine' tasting cannabis strains and hybrids like 'thin mint cookies' but nothing close to the Christmas Trees.


Anyone remember this or what the strain might have been? It was always the same, so I assume it was a big grower supplying a ton of people.

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We always called it 'christmas trees', but after looking for 'christmas buds' I see that this was evidently more far reaching than a2/Jackson lol.


Found this thread https://www.420magazine.com/community/threads/christmas-buds-mid-1990s-strain-anyone-remember-and-know-what-strain.186615/  and yes, this is exactly what I was talking about. I've met people that I never knew back then and when mentioning the 'christmas trees' that used to come around, they  know exactly what I'm talking about but have no idea as to what strain this was- Hell, back then having Northern Lights was rare and exotic as 99% of what you bought was just whatever was around...But those Christmas Treesz were amazing and i've been trying to find the strain (or similar) for years to no avail.


It seems to be called '79 Christmas Bud' and some people on the thread I posted seem to believe that its what was going around (or very close)- So it looks like i'll probably be grabbing some seeds.


Thanks man- I always heard to this refereed to as "Christmas Tress"- Everyone would be sitting around in the summer smoking mid grade cannabis and inevitably someone would say "Wont be long until the 'Christmas Trees'come around" - lol

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We called it Christmas Tree, was around southwest Michigan in late 90's, early 00's, as well.

That was before we got it hands on good stuff regularly, though.  My two cousins and I smoked a pinner no larger than two toothpicks.  Man, that was THE BEST stuff I had ever had.  We laughed SO hard for SO long!


Not sure how it would compare to stuff we have nowadays, though.  Suspect it might be like "that one candy" you had as a kid, but couldn't find again for 30 years.  Then after finding it again, you wonder why you had been yearning for it all those years :)

I suspect it was so good, because I was used to ditch and brick weed.  Might not compare to the strains nowadays.  I have had a couple strains I've done that with (looked for years and years to find it again, then when found was disappointed).  

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