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Hey Everyone, I have been searching on on law for a few days now on where to find what I'm looking for and I haven't had any luck but was hoping someone in here could point me in the right direction. 

I am a resident in michigan. I am a legal patient. I DO have a caregiver. My caregiver resides in a different location and has a lock on the grow room door. 

He is renting a house. His landlord recently found out that he was growing Marijuana and told him that he needed to be out in 10 days. HOWEVER, he isn't breaking his lease and growing legally isn't in his terms or conditions of the lease. He also is not in a federal building. I don't see why he would get in trouble or should be worried about an eviction if those are not in his "terms or conditions" of his current lease. 


Also, one more thing... He was getting worried about the above situation, so he printed out a copy of all patient Drivers License ID and posted them on the locked grow room door.  this is new. and has been recently. However when I went over there to grab some weed, I noticed that a copy of my Drivers License and address was posted on that door. Not going to lie, that made extremely UNCOMFORTABLE!  I told him that I didn't appreciate my information being plastered on his grow room door for guests or other people to see it. I am very personal with that kind of information as my identity has been stolen before.  I dont mind a copy of my MMMP card being posted with my patient registry number and my DOB, date issued and expiration date, but having my address blocked out. I feel as though what he did was violating a certain confidentiality that we are supposed to have with each other and I wasn't even notified. Can someone please tell me if there is a law on that. and point it out to me. as I have ben struggling to find it. thanks so much guys. again, I live in michigan. 



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The boss is the landlord. He owns the property. He said to get out. Wouldn't want to live like that. The tenant should move. It's the only answer for eventual tranquility. 

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