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Getting back in after these prices

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Hi guys. So I’ve been away from growing over the last 5-7 years as it had gotten to expensive for me to keep growing and as Michigan became more and more of a medical state I just started going To the local dispensaries.  Anyway I notice price are up now to where I’m kinda disappointed and tired of paying $100 for a 1/2 ounce of their bottom shelf.   So after looking around and  appears the advancement in LED lighting I’m going to give it another shot, if for no other reason then to get them vegging and try and grow them outside this year. My hope is to grow enough to sustain myself till next summer and repeat. 

so my question is where are you guys getting your clones?  When I dipped out I gave away my prized GG#4 and wondered where they are now available?  Is there a section on here? Are there meet ups like there used to be?  I don’t even see  them listed on craigslist like I used to.  So... can anybody help an old timer out with some cuts? I’m downriver!  Thanks regardless guys 

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