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Ventiltion in an 10x10 room? HEAT PROBLEMS!

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Im trying to make my room even better.  I need better ventilation really bad. my BIG issue is heat!    Im new to this and so im asking what would be the best way to ventilate my room better so it will keep cooler.  or if i can do anything else that will help keep the heat down?  I would very much appreciate any suggestions.  TY!

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Are you running enclosed hoods  cooled by inline fans ?


I run 2x1000 in a 5x10 sized room I draw air in from outside and through the hoods back to another vent that directs the hot air out of the flower room my temps lights on in the cold months stays at around 81 degrees during the summer I use a portable AC .


I would need to know what you are running and if this is a veg or flower room to answer further.

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On 2/29/2020 at 10:00 AM, hero4u said:

i have a 4x4 tent im using for flowering with a 430 watt hps hood.   im vegging on the outside of the tent with florescent lights.. 

So your blowing the air out of the room or into the veg area  of this room?

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