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Greater Grand Rapids Area Caregiver with 2 openings

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Should you be in need of a caregiver in the great Grand Rapids area, i would be happy to help. 2 patient positions currently available. All meds grown are done so only with organic soils, nutrients, and amendments. Grown under Fluence, and Gavita LED full canopy coverage lighting for the best possible meds. All plant materials are washed post harvest using a small mixture of baking soda and lemon juice diluted in water, and then dried in temp/humidity controlled rooms, to remove all potential debris. Just because its organic doesn’t mean it has to be dirty medicine. No salt based nutrients used, and therefore no harshness during consumption. All plants are properly flushed, and harvested after a dark period to avoid nitrogen taste. I take what I do here at ocd organics very seriously, and am only looking for patients who are willing to be a part of that mentality with me. Together we can accomplish the best possible medicine.


Much appreciated. Look forward to hearing from you.

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