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    • By rcharlestjr
      As I reflect on my endeavor as a minority, that has had plenty of negative impact over the years due to cannabis, I cant help but shake my head with disgust over recent policy's that have limited freedoms, pulled the playing field beneath my feet, and allowed the affluent business participants every advantage.  How does social inequity programs help a minority like me. Well they can offer me job training, and coaching on how to write a resume, etc..  Somehow that constitutes righting the years of negative effects that cannabis, along with over policing has had on the black community.  I don't need help finding a job, or writing a resume, but I would like to see a fair and equitable landscape for Medical and Commercial Cultivators, so I can play on the varsity team. I happen to be Republican and believe it's plain un-American to systematically limit who I can sale to. I can see added additional requirements like , testing, secure transport, Metric logging, etc.. Your rules have affectively killed my shot at the American dream. I used savings it took me 25 years to accumulate to get in the business, just to be told, sorry you cant sell your product here. even though others are selling their lower quality, higher priced products to the dispensaries and on to the end user. 
      Maybe they want the equity to be limited to lower tier workers that pose no threat. One thing is for sure, in my case as a minority with over 200k of my own money invested, they don't want me on the field. I have tried to get on the social equity panel. . . not a single response.  Not even a "you didn't make the cut" email.  Hard to believe they have more qualified candidates, as I served as an Executive with both Berkshire Hathaway and Bank of America and lead a similar group. But I think I know why. . . no one in charge is looking for real change, solid initiatives, measurable progress.  Window dressing at best, and we need to do better.
    • By DVandrunen
      Skilled caregiver looking for 1 to 2 qualified patients. I specialize in high quality flower, tincture, RSO and cannabutter. I have a variety of options available. Message me if you have questions or need help getting your license, etc.
    • By Shadow.d66599
      New patient looking for a good caregiver in Kent county! I spend good money for good medicine. Message plz
    • By Blake S
      Hi I am a caregiver located in Clarkston MI. 
      I have been growing organically in soil for over 6 years, and have horticulture and kinesiology degrees from Michigan State. I work as an analytical chemist in a state  cannabis compliance laboratory, I understand the plants very well. I would be happy to grow strains of your choosing, as well as make trips for you. 
      I have the ability to make high quality Rosin and Edibles, and am currently in the process of special ordering a custom industry-standard freeze drier for the freshest rosin and flower you can experience.
      I have researched and witnessed at my job some the best breeders today in the US, Numbers do not lie, and all products can be lab tested at your request including edibles. 
    • By Brad814
      Hello there my name is Brad! I'm located within the Genesee county area and recently obtained the hardcopy of my MMP license and have been looking into what caregivers do/help with and now I'm searching for one, doesn anyone have any resources on where I'd look? 

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