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March 2, 2020 – Today, the Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) announced a phase-out process for the transfer of marijuana and marijuana products into the regulated market from caregivers. The phase-out process begins immediately and ends on September 30, 2020 with a final termination of all external marijuana transfers.

During the ongoing transition to a regulated market, the MRA has been committed to maintaining patient access to medical marijuana by allowing certain licensed facilities to continue to source product from caregivers without it resulting in disciplinary action against their licenses. Now, nearly 200 grower licenses and more than 25 processor licenses have been issued in the medical marijuana market. As more licenses have been issued and more plants grown and processed, the marijuana product produced by licensed facilities has resulted in an increase in the supply of medical marijuana to patients.

“We have always put patients first when we make decisions regarding medical marijuana,” said MRA Executive Director Andrew Brisbo. “This phase out process is an important next step in implementing the will of Michigan voters and making sure that patients continue to have access to their medicine.”

Licensed businesses will have nearly seven months to make the necessary plans to continue to maintain a sufficient supply of medical marijuana in Michigan. During this time, the MRA will work closely with licensees to build relationships and provide outreach and assistance during this transition period.

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