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Initial Study Says Cannabis Might Help Prevent COVID-19 Infections

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Initial Study Says Cannabis Might Help Prevent COVID-19 Infections and Marijuana could regulate the main gateway COVID-19 enters host cells in patients, new research concludes.

New research into preventive measures and possible treatment for the coronavirus could be cannabis. At first public health officials warned that inhalation of burning marijuana could lead to more vulnerability to contracting the coronavirus.

A new study published in the journal Preprints finds some cannabis strains could prevent the severity and spread of COVID-19. See PDF Here. Note: Preprints is not peer-reviewed

Like most respiratory diseases, the droplets carrying the disease are expelled by coughing or sneezing. When a non-infected person inhales the droplets, it typically enters your body through cells in your lungs and corresponding tissue.

The scientific community has recently identified the ACE2 protein as the primary gateway the coronavirus infects patients. Researchers suspect modulating the level of proteins present in a patients could prevent susceptibility to the disease.

In a study completed before the pandemic, researchers had observed the combination of THC and CBD cannabinoids could lower gene expressions that produce and regulate ACE2 proteins.

“While our most efficacious extracts require further validation in a large-scale analysis and an animal model, our study is crucial for the future analysis of the effects of medical cannabis on COVID-19,” concluded the researchers. “Given the current dire and rapidly developing epidemiological situation, every possible therapeutic opportunity and avenue needs to be considered.”

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