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About to apply for MI Med MJ card. Should I even bother?

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Title about says it all. I finally have a box that can be checked on the application form. I am very confident of acceptance. I have an appointment tomorrow morning with the doctor to get the application signed and sent in.

I'm new to MJ's current context. I know little of the retail end of it other than I guess it costs a lot more for recreational MJ.

But I wonder...

What's the point anymore? Isn't medical MJ on the way out? Like October this year or something like that? I could already go to a recreational sales place if I wanted to. But I guess I could save money if I complete the medical MJ process. Should I get the card or not?

And hey. I signed up here a long time ago and drifted away. So Hi! Now I'm back and I need your help with this.


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I have been harassed, herded around, belittled, called a bad person just because I smoke marijuana.  All my life! I have one conviction for smoking a joint in a park back in 1979. That's how well I learned to 'sneak around'. A whole life filled with having to sneak around.

So now I empower myself with all the rights I can get. I have a pile of medical marijuana cards. 

Used to be I could lose everything at the whims of a prosecutor and a judge. 

Now I'm the guy they don't want to mess with. Be that person.

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The tax rate is 10% lower on Med than Rec. A good caregiver can provide you with cannabis cheaper and many times, better quality., Sometimes even giving free medicine. I think it is worth having, if nothing else it gives you more options.

Also, medical is not going anywhere in October. What is happening, is that dispensaries will no longer be able to sell any caregiver product. It is part of a phase out that started in March, I think. So if you get your card, you will still be able to shop medical dispensaries, and elect a personal caregiver.

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