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Good Morning everyone,

Its been a minute!  I have seen this posted before but it was like 2010 so I thought I would give it another shot since I am having a hard time finding the answers to my questions and I know you people can HELP me out. 

This may get long-winded to please bear with me.  I live in a small town in northern Michigan.  I moved here from th Sault a few years back for a good job at the local brewery in town.  Well, when COVID came along in March and the Gov closed down the state I was placed on unemployment like everyone else in the hospitality field in the state.  As the brewery was allowed to open again they never opened fully choosing to keep the dining closed and outside dining only.  They're not calling me anytime soon if ever. So I am in a spot. Move again @ 50yrs old and start all over at a new place or find something new here.

So the current position in which I live I can't have a grow at my home, due to size restrictions and the fact I have a daycare right next door.  So I have been doing what is necessary to keep my patients supplied for the past 2 years.  Homes are very hard to come by here as I have been looking for 2 years for a home outside of town with zero in 2 years at least with anything worthwhile to invest in a grow. Which brings me to why I am here.  In the city in which I live there are lots of buildings for rent, I'm w/o work. I'm sure you see where I'm going with this.

Now first off I live in Northern Mi. Not Detroit, AA, or GR but UP north. So a 2000 sq ft building can be rented for pretty cheap.  I have done the math and figure it will cost 3500/3800 to operate monthly. I have found a building. I have spoken to the owner of the building about my plans.  He has agreed to allow me to gut the building and basically make however I want.  Its got more power than I could ever use and a massive rooftop AC as it was a Little Ceasers back in the days.  

Now for the questions.  Since the building is not for public use does it need to be inspected by say the fire marshall?  If so will they require a sprinkler system?  Has anyone had their room/s inspected by the city or police?   Is this grey area bunny muffin I'm talking about? The town I live in has allowed Medical dispensaries so I don't see much of a difference except that I'm not paying the license fees, but at the same time I only deal with 5 people ONLY.   I don't see much difference from growing in a pole barn or garage as you just can't walk into the building it will be secure with both locks and wifi cameras. 

I would really love to stay up north and be done with being a chef fulltime as it has taken its toll on my health over the years and made me a bit bitter towards my fellow man. ( If you have been in the business you know what I mean) Its time for me to take care of my patients and myself like I used to, and as per my patients, they want this as bad as I do being a Chef my specialty is concentrates and edibles and they would be as happy as pigs in bunny muffin if I could do fulltime for them

Any help from the wise men and women in the field would be greatly appreciated, thanks for stopping to read and for god's sake be careful out there!

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So, you are looking to use the cargiver system to grow your max number of plants in this facility? If that's the case, I would keep it as quiet as possible. I would rent the space, fix it the way you want it, and tell as few people as necessary. You have an enclosed locked facility, that's what the law requires. keep numbers in check at all times. Be careful about storing large amounts of finished product, that Is what can get you in trouble. Also, know that with the quantity you put out in a 2000sq ft facility, you will have more product than allowed. Also, max that a patient is legally allowed to donate for is 10oz per month, 2.5oz per transaction. If you get raided, let the lawyers do the talking, say nothing.

If I were you, I would look into a marijuana microbusiness license. It would give you freedom to grow and sell your product, without being in a grey area. Well, except the shroud of federal illegality. I unfortunately, do not know details of obtaining such a licence. Hope that helps a little, maybe not exactly what you were looking for.

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GG Ty for the reply.  To answer your first question no Im not maxing my numbers out, would like to stay at 60 as I can do everything I need to do for my patients there, I know I will be pushing the Fed limit but in reality we are are.  There will be little to no finished product that will be held there and currently since the micro-business falls under the "rec" law to the best of my knowledge my city/county is opting out and only allowing medical and the problem with that is A. I don't have a building B. I don't have required assets ( if that's still a thing have to look it up) and C.) the High fees on top of the expense of new equipment I could not swing both w/o bringing in some investors and if anyone has had business partners you know how that can end when money is involved.  

Thanks for the reply, not exactly what I needed but fantastic advice so Thank you.


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