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Being a Registered Nurse and a Medical Marijuana Patient

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This registered nurse stood to lose their livelihood or were going to be quietly forced into rehabilitation.

Who Knew?

Who knew that LARA was punishing Registered Nurses merely because they are a medical cannabis patient?

Who knew that the same government agency (LARA) that regulates the licensing of  the Physician (who recommended the use of medical cannabis,) and also regulates the licensing of Registered Nurses, punish those same Licensed Registered Nurses (by suspending and or attempting to revoke their Nursing Licenses) merely for following the medical advice and  proscribed medical treatments made to them by their State Licensed Physician?

Who knew that “Cannabis Dependence” with “Cannabis use disorder,” “Mild” was a medical diagnosis?

Who knew that this so called disorder was categorized as “Mild” and or “Spicy”? 

Who knew that the States protocol for this  “diagnosis” , mandates that the  registered  nurse admit to this disorder, sign a contract to complete an unknown length and unknown terms of substance abuse treatment, as a condition of retaining that nursing license? 

Who knew that this could be done without any evidence regarding the registered nurses performance at work?

Who knew this could be done with evidence that the registered nurses performance at work was impeccable?

Who knew that the Physicians contracted with the State (Health Professional Recovery Program -HPRP), and acting on behalf of LARA ( who diagnose medical cannabis patients with  “Cannabis Dependence” with “Cannabis use disorder,” “Mild” ) and those that regulate nursing licenses don’t distinguish between active delta-9 THC, and any other cannabinoids, including the metabolite of THC, 11 Carboxy THC (which is not a controlled substance)? 

See an important Michigan Supreme Court Opinion – People vs Feezel

Enter Komorn Law

All of the above are real, and circumstances that we encountered in this more than a year long battle, with the Michigan licensing agency. Because of my client’s relentless and passionate pursuit for justice in their case. This Licensed Nurse is no longer left . 

Almost from day one, we were ready and looking forward to litigating  this matter. My client, refused to settle, and there was no reason that they should.

Komorn Law PLLC, is proud to announce another huge win and a long hard fought victory.


This past week we received the final order dismissing the complaint, and re-activating their nursing license.

In light of the MMMA, the MMFLA and the MRTMA, this issue like many others remain overlooked, as unfinished business that the State of Michigan has failed to address.

For a full perspective of this issue, see the link to the complaint filed in Federal Court, relating to HPRP. HPRP-Class-Action-Complaint. Additional links on this topic. ( that nursing power point I sent earlier) 

Huge Shout out to everyone at Komorn Law PLLC, specifically Ally McCormick, Steve Miller, Jenifer St. Amant, Jeff Frazier and Dan, nice job team!!

Why Are You Here?

Either you’re here just out of interest or you are searching for an attorney. If you need a law firm to protect and fight for your rights call our office 248-357-2550 or visit KomornLaw.com and do your research.

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