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so let me get this straight, if a caregiver consistantly shorts a patient a patient by 5-6 grams an ounce and then gives said patient moldy marijuana and then ignores the patient when they want better quality and takes the 2 ounces of moldy stuff and replaces it with 20 grams of trim NOT bud and says this is the last you will get from me, I have no option but to find another caregiver and that is it? nothing happens to the caregiver? then why are we paying for the state license if they are not going to do anything

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There are dispensaries so why would you let anyone 'consistently' rip you off? Is it a relative or something? Or are you asking for something for nothing?

There are many sources these days asking a fair price so no one needs to stick with a bad source. This is a flashback from the days when there weren't any sources.  The world moved on from there ....

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