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Shadow i am a caregiver in Niles and I will have NYC Diesel finished up the 2nd week of November. 

We are a small grower right now but will be expanding in the state of Michigan soon. Keep an eye out for our Brand.   # TransparentPharmaceuticals. 



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      Hello there my name is Brad! I'm located within the Genesee county area and recently obtained the hardcopy of my MMP license and have been looking into what caregivers do/help with and now I'm searching for one, doesn anyone have any resources on where I'd look? 
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      Sign up here at https://michiganmedicalmarijuana.com/join-the-caregiver-patient-coalition/
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      research completed
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      Hello there, I’m currently a grower in the UP looking for patients to name me their caregiver. I’ve been growing for over a year now painstakingly perfecting my medicine to fully satisfy my patients, I hope I can help any medical patients in need please contact me or reply to this thread! 
      I can provide anything from bud to Concentrates to edibles!
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