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New patient looking for caregiver Kent county.


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    • By Ariel
      I am looking for a Caregiver near 49509 Grand Rapids, MI. My name is Ariel, and I am a legal medical patient looking for a new caregiver.
    • By evanparisian
      Looking for a caregiver in Lansing. Relatively new to this (only been a medical patient since March) and I've never had a caregiver. I smoke about 1.5-2 oz of flower per month, as well as 5-7g of concentrate.
    • By Ren22
      Hi!  I’m an experienced caregiver looking for patients in SE Michigan. I have a wide variety of strains.  I also make yummy and really strong chocolate chip cookies and brownies!  
      my flower tests between 23% and 28%!  
    • By MichiganHybrids
      We are top shelf grower and caregiver.  We currently have 2 openings for patients.
      Our IG is @elitegaredens6 which showcases our products.
      If interested please feel free to reach out and we will be more then happy to answer any questions.
      EliteGardenz(formely Michigan Hybrids)
      Get ahold of us at this number: 
      Elite Gardenz 
      @elitegardens6 on IG
    • By Camchidori
      My names Cameron and I'm a new medical patient in Michigan. I've been in the industry for years in Colorado where I was born. I have knowledge in hydrocarbon extraction and cannabis in general. The dispensarys out here are a joke for the price of medical. I have no problem paying a little more than average for good medicine but asking 350 to 400 for Top shelf product and then all the other shelf are garbage is ridiculous to me. I don't have the ability to grow currently and would love to find someone that can take me in as a patient. I like just about any form of cannabis but love good flower and live resin/sauce/diamonds/rosin. Looking for someone that knows how to cure and grow killer meds, I know this state has some really good growers! 

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