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Lime BG

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6 minutes ago, Lime BG said:

I am new to cloning, I need some help. I see a lot of bucket systems for cloning. My pump and not sure it’s is a sprayer or bubbler there were no instructions in the box. Do u fill the bucket all they way? 

Go over to youtube.com, do a search and look at some videos to get an idea of what you have. Or post some pics here. 

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Where did you get your bubbler from? Is it better than a bong? I am looking for one, but I am not sure from where I should get it. I want a basic one, with a water chamber that's gonna remove the harsh taste and rough feeling of the smoke. Does yours come with a percolator? I've been browsing the selection https://mjarsenal.com/collections/all-bubbler-products these guys got and still couldn't decide which one to choose. My brother suggested I don't order it online cause the glass might break while they deliver it, but I really don't feel like going out and find the same bunny muffin I've seen online. Besides, everything I find online is way cheaper!


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