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Planet Green Trees TV - Episode 491

Episode Date – 11-19-20

Episode Title – Disquisition

Possible Topics (no particular order)

1. Michael’s Rant

2. A State-by-State Look at Where Marijuana Is Legal

3. Re-elected Oakland County Sheriff known for being tough on pot says he'll follow the law now that it's legal

4. Feds Cite Marijuana Comments By Seth Rogen, Joe Rogan And Other Celebs In COVID PSA Database

5. Michigan prisoner serving up to 60 years in marijuana case asks for mercy

Show Information

Michigan's #1 show about cannabis legal issues, licensing, regulations, compliance, medical marijuana topics, current events and other legal matters. Planet Green Trees TV is hosted by Attorney Michael Komorn, co-hosted by Jamie Lowell, Alyssa McCormick, Jim Powers and Amanda Joslin

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The opinions and comments expressed on the show by hosts, guest, commentators, posts, articles, etc... may or may not represent the actual opinions or thoughts of the Komorn Law Firm and/or it's associates. The thoughts and conversation that occur during this broadcast are an attempt to bring humor and parody to an otherwise non comical scenario. Although some conversations and guests may state facts, academic impedimenta and scientific theorems one should consult an attorney or expert in the relevant field of query.



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