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Patient in South Central Michigan (Lenawee County) looking for a new caregiver! Wants to know what people opine should be done with the current.


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Hello! I'm an MMP patient looking for a new caregiver. I also wanted to know how I should go about terminating our arrangement. Specifically, he has had 4 months to get something around for me and in that time he has given me one ounce. He initially informed me that I should have my meds by spring. I thought that was an awful long time, but I figured not absurdly so. He recently changed the timeline to October of next year! I told him that wouldn't work for me and offered to compensate for half of the cost of my license. To this suggestion, he started trying to bully me and turned it around on me, said I act like a child. He said I owe him the full amount of the license. Any thoughts on this and what my conduct should be would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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A good baseline for a patient is to pay for your own license and then pay for your bud. 

Keep it simple. 

Always remember that growing cannabis indoors is a fine art. 

Sometimes a mediocre grower would only get a few ounces off 12 plants, or NONE. 

Imagine a new grower spending thousands on equipment, grow supplies, higher electric bill, then only get a couple ounces to sell. 

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Many retailers have introductory offers for their customers. The caregivers introductory offer was paying for your card.

If a companies product or service is unacceptable then it shouldn't be surprising if the customer goes elsewhere.

I don't think I've ever heard of a company asking for their introductory offer back.

Send your form to the state axing this guy and find one more reliable. He had his chance, you owe him nothing.

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