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Caregiver Seeking Patients In NorthEast Michigan

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Hello, I have a been a caregiver for 4 years with 16 years experience. I grow clean top shelf meds in hydroponic with NO harmful pesticides and state approved nutrients in a completely sealed environment. There no bugs in my grow and I have a regular weekly ipm (integrated pest management) with organic state approved foliar sprays. I don’t grow with anything that is harmful to my patients lungs or overall health. I cultivate a perpetual harvest so top shelf meds will be regularly available. I invest a lot of time into hunting some of the best genetics in the world to help medical patients in need. I have a couple available openings and looking for patients in the Bay City/ Pinconning/ Midland/ Mt Pleasant/ Clare/ Lansing/ Saginaw/ Flint Areas. I am able to travel and meet within these vicinities. If you are out of the area you will have to travel within 30 mins of me. Please direct message me for further questions and information. Thanks

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