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Governor Announced That About Half a Million of Cannabis-Related Convictions Have Been Expunged

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Sorry Michigan…It’s not you

Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker announced that state officials in 2020 expunged the criminal records of an estimated half-million Illinois citizens previously convicted for marijuana-related crimes.

The Governor said that the pace of the expungement process was well ahead of schedule. He also announced having personally pardoned over 20,000 low-level cannabis conviction records


More States with Expungements

*Automatic expungement process.
**Annulment process available for certain offenders.
***Certain marijuana-related convictions may be sealed.
****Those with certain convictions may be eligible for unconditional pardons from a state advisory board

Read More Here @NORML

LEGAL ADVISORY – Rules, Regulations and laws may have changed after this information was posted. It is up to the reader to research and determine the current status of those items. It is always best to consult an attorney that has experience and is focused on the cannabis industry. One of the most well known law firms in the industry for over 25 years is Komorn Law

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