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Episode 496 - Not Even Remotely Attached to Reality

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Episode Date – 01-07-2021
Planet Green Trees TV - Episode # 496 Episode
Title – Not Even Remotely Attached to Reality
Guests tonight include: -- David Rudoi – Rudoi Law Maybe -- Nick Zettel – Musical performance -- Eric VanDussen- Freelance Journalist Benzie County
Topics (no particular order)
1. Michael’s Rant –
2. New Washtenaw county prosecutor will stop seeking cash bail
3. De-scheduling Cannabis – John Sinclair vs Board of Pharmacy
4. Facebook *indefinitely* blocks Trumps account after violence at the capital
5. Harborside cuts ties with DeAngelo
6. Whitmer uses 'pocket veto' on bill to allow expungement of first-time drunken driving
7. Marijuana sales data reveals Americans bought 67% more weed to survive 2020
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