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Victory for Medical Marijuana Patients

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Komorn Law Victory for Medical Marijuana Patients in Michigan Court of Appeals

Medical marijuana patients have had their doctor recommended use of cannabis while on probation in limbo for a long time.

Lead trial attorney and advocate for marijuana law reform Michael Komorn and his dedicated team of attorneys (specifically Ally McCormick) secured a victory in the Michigan Court of Appeals for Medical Marijuana Patients

As many battles for marijuana patients, caregivers and business clients represented by the Komorn Law Firm loom in the background – a decision has been made to set the tone for future cases involving those on probation.

Komorn Law has been aggressive in fighting for the rights and reform for marijuana use for over 25+ years. 

“There is no better attorney or law firm to represent a client regarding patients, caregivers or businesses out there.  They are the experts, they are the clear champions, they are the ones you need in the trench beside you when you’re out gunned by the prosecution” Steve

Call 248-357-2550

Here are the key factors from the ruling as to why you should have the protections of being a medical marijuana patient.

The Prosecution Argued

“The prosecution argued that the district court had the ability to place restrictions on a defendant’s medication. The district court denied defendant’s motion to modify the terms of his probation, holding that it was bound by the “Circuit Court’s decision on this issue,”

The Sentence of Probation

“A sentence of probation is an alternative to confining a defendant in jail or prison and is granted as a matter of grace in lieu of incarceration.”

“Because probation is a privilege, the revocation of probation is a penalty or the denial of a privilege. Under MCL 333.26424(a) a person is protected from penalty in any manner, or denial of any right or privilege, for the lawful use of medical marijuana.”

“Therefore, a court cannot revoke probation upon the use of medical marijuana that otherwise complies with the terms of the MMMA.”

“a statute or provision of a statute that conflicts with a defendant’s right to MMMA-compliant use of marijuana is preempted or superseded by the MMMA”

“protection from arrest, prosecution, or penalty of any kind”.

“In other words, a condition of probation prohibiting the use of medical marijuana that is otherwise used in accordance with the MMMA is directly in conflict with the MMMA and is impermissible.”

“We also conclude that the revocation of probation upon the MMMA-compliant use of marijuana constitutes a “penalty” under MCL 333.26424(a) of the MMMA. The MMMA is substantially similar to the medical marijuana acts adopted in other states, including those discussed here, and immunizes persons from being subject to a penalty of any kind for the lawful use of medical marijuana.”

“We conclude that provisions of the Michigan Probation Act that allow a court to prohibit a probationer’s MMMA-compliant use of marijuana impermissibly conflict with MCL 333.26427(a) and (e) of the MMMA and are unenforceable. Further, the revocation of probation upon the MMMA-compliant use of marijuana constitutes a “penalty” in violation of MCL 333.26424(a) of the MMMA.”

But… Recreational vs Medical

“We note, however, that the MMMA is inapplicable to the recreational use of marijuana, and thus, a trial court may still impose probation conditions related to the recreational use of marijuana and revoke probation for such recreational use, as well as for marijuana use in violation of the MMMA.”

Read the Court of Appeals Opinion Here

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