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HASH BASH 2021 Part 1. - Episode - 509 - Planet Green Trees TV

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Hash Bash Bunker Bash Starts at 8pm - Concerts - Live DJ ------------------------

Planet Green Trees TV - Episode 509

Title – Hash Bash 2021 (50th Annual)

Date – 04-03-21  


11am -1pm Hosts and Reporting from the Diag Live Hosted by Michael Komorn Amanda Joslyn Steve Miller Jim Powers Special Guests Adam L Brook (Mr. Hash Bash) John Sinclair and others Music by John D Lamb Jacob Alan Gibson Ed Dupas Bobby Magyarosi Farmedelica - Madison Morris Pummel The Watusies David Pietrusa The Legendary Mother F#ckers Scott Masson Sponsored by Komorn Law Little Blondie Microphones THC123.com Helping Friendly Hemp Company Wellness Doctors Online - Marijuana Patient Cards   SHOW INFORMATION Michigan’s #1 show about cannabis legal issues, licensing, regulations, compliance, medical marijuana topics, current events and other legal matters.  

Planet Green Trees TV is hosted by Attorney Michael Komorn, co-hosted by Jamie Lowell, Steve Miller, Jim Powers, Amanda Joslin and Alyssa McCormick  

WANT TO BE A GUEST? Got a talent or in a band you would like to showcase? Let us know and you could be a guest on PGT. More Info – https://planetgreentreestv.com

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