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So what are you currently smoking?

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So, what you smoking right now?

There are so many strains available now I thought it might be interesting having a thread that everyone can post what they are smoking. It isn't a what's best, thread, just a what's smoking thread.

Today I'm smoking some Double Diesel (NYC Diesel x Sour Diesel) It smells like diesel fuel with a hint of orange/grapefruit in the back ground. Yum !

So, what are YOU smoking?

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19 hours ago, glued gorilla said:

What do you think of the MT? Wasn't a fan of the pheno i found. Mine was super earthy, like swawp water type smell/flavor. Yield/growth was nice, potency was medium.

I liked it and  the patients all seemed to love it as well great effect  long lasting  mellow buzz good stuff.

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  • 3 months later...

At the moment, I only smoke flower bowl pieces because for my body, regular cigarettes no longer play any role, and marijuana is awful for my lungs, so I chose something less destructive to me.
I think I'm not the only one here because half of my town uses flower bowl piece to get away from routine and fatigue. Life is not easy, and you have to go on for something; that's why people choose their way of relaxation and oblivion.
I am sure that soon will think of other ways that will even positively impact human health. But this is only in dreams.

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14 hours ago, AlexanderOgden said:

Love the Lemon Butter. It's my favourite one.

Me too! Was a sad day when i lost it. Was exposed to Hlvd in my room. I shut down and replaced everything else with clones from a friend with the same genetics. Unfortunately, i had not given him lemon butter. Just finished my last jar a month or so ago😥 I will definitely order it if fresh coast releases it again!

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  • 9 months later...

For the last 4 months, I have been smoking only vape. I have no clear explanation why I decided to quit smoking everything else. I'm tired of feeling like a slave to this addiction. As soon as I found an effective way to get rid of cigarettes, I immediately did it. Thanks to my dear friend for frequently vaping in front of me and recommending e-liquids from https://www.liberty-flights.co.uk/. Sometimes I envy people who can smoke without getting addicted cause it's hard. I hope I can control myself.

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