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Outdoor Grow Miracle

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Had something happen that I haven't ever seen before in my 32 years of outdoor growing.

I had huge plants last year in my outdoor garden. 15 feet tall and 10 feet in diameter. They were so nice.

I lopped them off leaving all the roots in the ground.

Now I have new plants coming up from the roots!

At first I couldn't believe my eyes.

Then I thought they had to come from seeds.

Then I realized they look like clones, not seedlings.

Anyone ever seen this?

I'll add a picture shortly.

Help me figure this out.

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14 minutes ago, Wild Bill said:

My guess is seed. I've had plants that produced seeds outside from natural pollinationby insects.


I haven't seen more than a couple seeds in all the buds in the whole garden though.

I have over a dozen small plants and none of them are tiny or have the cotyledon(round) leaves.

They all look like clones.

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