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The Big Money is coming Right?

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The patient caregiver coalition cool beans on the effort to get support. Truly I'm glad You see the writing on the wall. My question is this where was the concern when felons where excluded from being Caregivers talk about a group of people that have a hard time landing employment. It was a voter initiative by what 63 64 %. Yet the legislature with a 3/4 vote took thier right to help friends and family away at least legally speaking. So why not take action legally with class action lawsuit based on potential lost wages that those people already where forced to lose. My thought is You win that how can they even come close to litigating further. Been a member from beginning and endured hardships when I really didnt have too just to maintain not shining a bad light to the cause. As far as I'm concerned it should be able to be sold same as road side vegetable stand. Taxes to uncle Sam included. But the reality is money to play the rest are Outlaws. It's still We the people Right? Unfortunately I no longer believe it.

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