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what are residency requirements to grow recreational in michigan? can you have dual citizenship in another state? I wanna grow at my cabin in UP!!!

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Technically you are not a michigan resident. It is illegal for you to grow there. However, if you stay within the 12 plant count, im sure you won't be bothered.  This is assuming you don't have a MI drivers license, and are not staying at the cabin while growing.

If you are staying there, getting mail there, ect. I think it would be legal or at least arguable. If you do it, be very aware that bringing any of your harvest home would definitely be illegal.

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2 hours ago, glued gorilla said:

Technically you are not a michigan resident. It is illegal for you to grow there.

I don't believe the law says you have to be a Michigan resident. Only an adult.

An adult may grow up to 12 marijuana plants at the adult’s residence for personal use.

An adult may not grow marijuana plants “if the plants are visible from a public place” or if the plants are growing outside of a secure area. A violation of this section is punishable as a civil offense with a fine not to exceed $100 and forfeiture of the marijuana.

The cultivation of up to 24 plants for personal use is a civil infraction with no incarceration and maximum $500 fine.

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