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The Marijuana Investigation Division


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Whose that knocking on my door?

Whose that knocking on my door?

… It’s not Barnacle Bill The Sailor

It’s the Michigan State Police Marijuana and Tobacco Investigation Division

The Marijuana and Tobacco Investigation Section has statewide responsibility for conducting administrative inspections of all retailers of tobacco products as well as all businesses licensed to grow, process, sell, transport, and test medical marijuana. In addition to administrative inspections, the section investigates criminal activity of individuals and businesses who are in violation of the state’s Tobacco Products Tax Act, Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act, and related laws.

After a visit from the enforcers you may need an attorney to represent your Catch 22 dilemma. Because the division wasn’t formed to sit around and do nothing … if it’s not something this time – it will be next time. Most recommended and the top cannabis law firm in the state of Michigan also known as Komorn Law will probably be your best bet. Google Search

Meanwhile… Meet The Team

And now for something completely different… No Knock Warrants

According to a study from St. John’s Law Review, “Between 2010 and 2016, at least 94 people died during the execution of no-knock search warrants, 13 of whom were police officers.” And that’s not hard to believe when you think about how these surprise visits play out.

Take Matthew Stewart, for example, who was asleep in his Utah home on the night of January 4, 2012, when the sound of breaking glass startled him awake, according to an account from his sister. Thinking he was being robbed, he jumped out of bed, threw on his robe and grabbed his gun to defend himself.

Stewart said that after being shot at, he shot back, killing one of several plain-clothed officers who began shooting — and injuring several others. After being arrested for murder and branded as a “cop killer,” Stewart committed suicide in jail. 

In his case, the officers had obtained a no-knock warrant to search his home on suspicion of marijuana possession. One officer was wearing a Cheech and Chong shirt, and the rest were mostly dressed in blue jeans and windbreakers “bearing small police shield emblems.”

Read the rest here —> Detroit News

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